Once & Forever: Book Three “The Lovers” excerpt

PART THREEThe Lovers              1 Miami, Present days. Special Agent Peter Rostoff felt like a walking corpse. After an impossibly long flight from the West Coast to the South, with a layover in LA, he was fatigued to the point of no return . Peter always hated flying and usually tried to use an alternative type ofContinue reading “Once & Forever: Book Three “The Lovers” excerpt”

Once & Forever: Part Two “The Parents” excerpt

PART TWO The Parents 1  San Francisco 1991 The Rostoff household was in an uproar. The official cause was an upcoming celebration of Peter’s eighteenth birthday. The real reason, however, was a family reunion of sorts, because after five long years[1] , Dmitry Rostoff was finally coming home, to the States[2] , to his family estate inContinue reading “Once & Forever: Part Two “The Parents” excerpt”

Once & Forever: Book One “The Children” excerpt

Prologue  Present days Spring has finally arrived in New England, as fashionably late as a true lady. Precocious March,    with its roller-coaster of temperatures  ungraciously gave up, succumbing to a fragile, tender, and  crystal clear April which in turn has bowed out to a bold and brazen May. Its sun-kissed embrace has reached the petiteContinue reading “Once & Forever: Book One “The Children” excerpt”

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