And so, it’s done. My new book, a time-travel love story Before & After–the first book in my new series Upon A Time–is finished and sent to my editor. I am happy and thrilled, yet scared as any mother of a ‘newborn’.

It was a long and somewhat arduous journey. I planned to finish this book long before now, in the springtime, but fate decided differently. Many things happened: some sad, some happy, some in-between. My writing was my escape and my salvation. When everything seemed to be turning and shifting beneath my feet, the simple act of putting words on paper (or computer screen, that is) was calming and grounding.

The seed for a time-travel story was planted into my head a little over two years ago, when my husband and I first visited Amelia Island and took a boat tour to Georgia’s Golden Isles. I remember looking at Cumberland Island–wild, untamed, and beautiful– and a crazy thought popped into my mind: What if a modern woman, petite and slender, with a short hair-cut, would find herself on this Island, say, a hundred years ago, dressed in jeans and t-shirt? They would probably take her for a boy…

The rest was history.

Needless to say, I fell in love with Fernandina Beach, its picturesque historic district, its unapologetic old-fashioned way, its unhurried rhythm of life. Even time seems to move slower there.

After that first visit, I’ve traveled to Amelia Island a few more times (thank goodness the trip is a short one ) and every time I felt like I was transported back in time to another era. I hope I managed to describe that in my book. I hope my love to the city of Fernandina Beach and the ocean shines through.

I am not sure how many books there will be in the Upon A Time series–time will tell (pun intended)–but I am in a process of the second book, which will be a continuation of Nika and Eli’s story. The tentative name for it is Now & Again. Hopefully, I will finish it by next spring.

For now, there is a teaser–a half-revealed cover of Before & After–which I’m planning to fully uncover as soon as my book is published (hopefully, in the first weeks of September).

Thank you and stay tuned!

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